Customs duties, taxes and charges are not included in the price and shipping cost. This is the buyer's responsibility.



From the amount will be charged the cost of delivery and compensation in the amount of 20% in the event of the return of goods already arrived at the destination, if for one reason or another the customer refuses to send.


Our Return Policy

The product must be returned in its original packaging, unused or damaged. The product must have a receipt or document confirming the purchase. The company does not accept the return of the product, provided that these conditions are not met. In this case, the funds are not paid. offers a refund for the goods within 72 hours from the receipt of the goods and refund (not including the bilateral delivery cost) which will be made after 45 days, in the same way as the initial payment. Most products sold at are consistent with our general return policy, but some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

Shipping and handling charge for the return of goods sent by the seller, fall on the shoulders of the buyer. If the order is estimated at $ 100 or more, we ask you to insure the cargo and send your refund taking into account the "signature on receipt" function. Items worth more than $ 75 must be returned to the seller with the tracking number of the delivery service. For items below $ 75, we offer USPS delivery confirmation service. If the package does not arrive and the monitored method is not used for a refund or if you refuse the transfer as in the return method, we can not guarantee a full-fledged and high-quality service, like the AZ-Guarantee service.


Automotive goods

If you purchased an automotive part placed from and sold with, but it is faulty, in this case all conditions are guaranteed according to the manufacturer's warranty information, will either replace the part or return the cost of the product with a lifetime warranty

Computers (laptops and desktop computers), Cell phones

• New desktop computers, laptops, cell phones or tablets purchased from that are "dead on arrival" delivered in a damaged condition or still in a closed box can be returned for a full refund within 72 hours from the time of purchase and return (excluding round trip shipping) which will be made in 45 days, in the same way as the initial payment. In cases of return of goods without a defect, the amount will be compensated at a rate of 20%

• All returned goods, such as: a desktop computer, laptop or tablet that are damaged due to improper use of the customer: missing parts, or in unusable condition due to customer intervention, can lead to an increase in the penalty for return of goods based on the state of the product.

• New, used and restored products purchased from Marketplace suppliers are subject to a return policy for the individual vendor.



• Small art objects worth $ 75 or more must be returned using a tracked delivery method. Items worth more than $ 500 must also be insured.

• All product packages (boxes, etc.), as well as certificates of authenticity and evaluation, must be returned together with the product itself.

• Any Fine Art product returned without original documentation and packaging will be rejected.

• Any items of Fine Art that have been damaged or otherwise altered after delivery will not be accepted for return.

• Before sending items of Fine Arts, we ask you to photograph the goods for your claims.


Games and software downloads (Kindle & Digital)

• Games and software downloads are not refundable after purchase.


Gift cards

• Gift cards are not refundable after purchase (except as provided by law


Hazardous Materials

• Hazardous materials, including flammable liquids or gases, can not be returned to

• Contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return and return information.


Independent Design Objects

• All the details of the "Independent Design Objects" are sold by third-party vendors. See the Return Policy

• You must contact a third party, that is, with the seller within 15 days of receiving the request for information return.

• Orders of this type can be sent free of charge provided the seller pays for the return sticker. A free refund is only available for customers with shipping addresses within the United States.

• The return is not acceptable if the goods have been worn, damaged, washed or otherwise altered after the sale.

• All returned items must have all attached tags. Elements without all the original tags are not acceptable for return.


Jewelry & Watches

• Jewelry and watch items worth $ 75 or more must be returned using a tracking delivery method.

• All packaging products (boxes, instructions, warranty cards, etc.) and certificates of authenticity, classification and evaluation must be returned together with the goods.

• All returned items without source documentation will be rejected.

• Items that have been altered, damaged or otherwise modified after delivery will not be accepted for retur


Pre-paid phone or game cards

PayAsYouGo (or prepaid) phone cards or prepaid game cards (World of Warcraft, Xbox 360 Live, WiiPoints, etc.) are not returnable



• Returns for televisions shipped without improved delivery are subject to the condition that they must be new and unopened.

• In order to return the TV-arrived by the Improved delivery method, the goods must be in a new state. The postal operator must use his own packing materials when selecting a TV set.