Your questions

1. Is it possible to cancel an already paid order? 

2. How often does the price change on the site? 

3. What to do if an order was placed, but it was not paid? 


1.After the order and payment within 24 hours, if your package was not sent and purchased, you can cancel the order by contacting the regional manager by phones that are on the site or by e-mail info@mytelephone.ae

2. All prices on the site www. mytelephone.ae vary depending on the prices in the Dubai market, the UAE.

3. Payment can be made within 3 days of placing your order. If the payment is not made within 3 days, or the form is changed for payment by cash on delivery, the order will be automatically canceled.


     Your questions 

1. Goods on the site are originals or are there fakes? 

2. Is it possible to make changes to the list of goods?

3. How do I calculate how much the product will cost me? 


1. All products on our website are products of official manufacturers. We guarantee it! 

2. To make changes to the list of selected products, click on the basket icon at the top of each page. Before you make a purchase, you can do the following with the shopping cart:

Change quantity - It is enough to click on plus - the quantity of goods to increase by one unit.

Remove items from the shopping cart- To remove the product, click on the "Trash" button, a list of products and a "delete" button will appear, or change the number of items to zero.

Click the "Back" button to continue the selection of the goods. You can return to your basket at any time by clicking on the image of the basket at the top of each page.

But if you have already paid for the goods, then changes are not allowed.

3. In order to calculate the full cost of the goods, you must: • Choose whether you need a guarantee, • Choose the shipping method The amount for payment by courier service Camex is not included in the total amount, as payment for courier services is made upon receipt of the goods. • Choose a payment method. When choosing a credit method of payment, the loan rates are not included in the final amount. Attention% commission on payment systems is different. Depending on the payment system, the total amount will be different. After you have selected all the above items, at the bottom right of the "Trash" you will see the final cost of the goods.



1. Forgot your password?

 2. How to shop without registration?


1.If you forgot your password, it will be sufficient to indicate the address of your email, which was specified during registration on the site. In the login window and password enter "Forgot your password?". Enter the email address and click Next. Then a letter with the new password will come to your email. Then you can use this password to enter the site, or change it in your account.

 2. Yes, you can. After filling the basket, choose one of the following: 1) registration 2) place an order without registering.



1.If I buy two or more different products then how do I get them? In one package or in different? 2.How much is the delivery of the goods? 

3.How long does it take to deliver the order? 

4.If there is a customs duty, who pays it? 

5. Where and how can I find out where my goods are located?


1.  Usually each order is not sent according to the quantity of the goods of this order in one package! Ordering several different products in individual orders can be expected to be placed in one package. However, it is best to contact us by writing to us at info@mytelephone.ae, indicating the order numbers that should be placed in one package.

2. The cost of delivery of the goods, depends on the weight of the parcel. Today; If the order is carried out with the help of Camex postal service up to 500 grams, payment is charged at $ 7, if from 500 grams to 1 kg - $ 10. For every subsequent 100 grams - for 1 $. If the order is made using Ems, you will need to go to www.ems.post, in the catalog (further delivery), where there is a calculator, where you can calculate your weight and price. For each country or zone - their prices. If the order is carried out with the help of the ARAMEX mail service, then up to 500 grams, the payment is $ 11; more than 500 grams - 1 kg - $ 20. Each additional 500 grams is $ 9.

3. Delivery time depends on the delivery method you choose. If the delivery method you have chosen is: Ems, the delivery time is 5-7 working days; Aramex, delivery time is 5 working days; Camex, the delivery time is 7-10 working days;

4. The online store is not responsible for the collection of customs duties when delivering the parcel, does not compensate for them. The online store and its partners are not responsible for delays at the customs and return of the goods to the supplier in the UAE, provided that they are not allowed by the customs authority. In most countries, there are limits that are intended for goods (non-commercial) use. Usually it is 1000 (one thousand) euros or 1000 (one thousand) US dollars. In some countries, the limits reach 10,000 (ten thousand) euros or US dollars, while in others they decrease.

Eats countries in which duties are applied for amounts with deduction of the established limit. Information on import customs duties and restrictions can be found in the customs office of your State.

5.Express delivery (EMS) is convenient in that each parcel has a unique code called tracking number (tracking, air waybill, trackingnumber) which the customer receives at the mail specified during registration. Track the location of the goods her 

Delivery by courier service ARAMEX - it is convenient that each parcel has a unique code called tracking number (tracking, air waybill, tracking number) which is received by the customer at the mail specified at registration. Track the location of the goods here Almost all services have representative offices, offices in many countries around the world. You can contact their offices in your country, go to their websites.